Monday, October 13, 2014

UPDATE: Honduras, Hold Loosely to What You Have

     If only we will hold loosely to what we have been given we can be amazed at what God is able to do.  As we completed our week of dental ministry last month many on the team donated what Limpiras they had left for Ernie and Allison to use as would best benefit the ministry.  Today we received a great email from Allison detailing what has been done with that money.  I hope you enjoy reading this litany of blessings as much as I did:

Just wanted to share with your team what a blessing your "left over" money has been to this ministry.  With the money individuals left with us, we:

Paid for one of our high school graduates cap and gown and graduation supplies

Purchased needed items for a 7th graders cooking class project

Sent three students for a much needed doctors visit, labs, and medicines
(The students were suffering from asthma, strep throat, and a possible inflamed appendics)

Paid for an eye exam for Dariella (a kinder kid) and purchased her a pair of glasses.

Paid for special graduation gowns to recognize our 8 students who achieved academic excellence.

Paid for a special (expensive) medication our cook Pasita needs.

Paid for literally "Life saving" heart medications for baby Fernando.  He is the two month old little brother of sisters Kati and Karla in our kinder program.

And, we even have enough left over to pay for the supplies for our Kinder Graduation ceremony. (Pat and Caroline Dekle and Vicki Coggins will be here soon to help with this!)

Thank you so much for your generosity. Never underestimate our precious Lord!

Saturday, October 11, 2014

A Day of Reward and Relaxation

     Today was a great day to relax after a long week of hard work. We have been a team small in number, but big in heart and strong in labor.  We have been the grunt workers for the skilled laborers in masonry (finishing the inside and outside of the house), carpentry (putting the roof on the house), and in laying the foundation. We have all received our pile-it licenses this week as we have been told to "pile it here" and "pile it there" with stone and sand. 

     The start of our great day was actually last night when a thunderstorm came through and brought with it much rain, but also cooler temperatures. This morning we had this view from the roof of our compound of the beautiful sunrise. 

     We got to enjoy my favorite Haitian breakfast by far of bread and chocolate soup.

     We took a short walk over to the Siloe Baptist Church and school where local artisans/ craft dealers had set up. Come to the Mission Banquet at FBC Augusta on Nov. 2nd to purchase some of these wares! Then we got to enjoy a fun afternoon at the beach. Pastor Linh decided that the "pile-it" license wasn't enough and he went for his captain's license as well. 

     Our beach time concluded with some succulent lobster that only an hour or so before had been pulled from the beautiful blue waters above.  Even George Berry had some of our bounty and "It wasn't so bad!"

     We returned back to the compound in time to hear the second half of the Dawgs beating the Mizzou Tigers (sorry, Sean but at least your Royals are winning). As our pastor often says, "It was a good day all day."  We will be leaving the compound about 7AM to head to the airport. Keep us in your prayers as we travel home to those we love and miss! And keep those here in Haiti in your prayers as will we. I can tell some improvement from the last time we were here, but this country still has a long way to go.

It's a great day to be a DAWG!

     Even in the midst of an investigation into the alleged NCAA rule violations and the resulting suspension of UGA running back, Todd Gurley, it is still a great day to be a DAWG. I and many others have often referred to Athens and the rest of the Bulldawg Nation as God's country. Never more did I believe it to be true than when we arrived in Haiti. You will see a picture of the tap-tap that was parked at the compound earlier in the week. When we asked the question, "who was the Georgia fan?" we were met with confused looks. "Georgia fan?" came the reply. "That is God's symbol!"

GO DAWGS! Skin them kitties!