Friday, September 19, 2014


This is the trip that just keeps on giving.  On our final night together our our two leaders David Dekle and Scott Wingard shared with the team the superlatives from the trip.  These will probably mean more to the team than to anyone else, but even the inside jokes are funny.  Enjoy!
disclaimer:These are funny. No one was or should be offended by these rather creative categories that were apparently revealed to Scott and David even before the team was formed.

Most likely...

to have bug spray- Rebecca Elkin
to have lice- Laura Altman
to NOT have lice- Scott Wingard
to be mistaken for the owner of the Honduyate- Bobby Turner AKA "The Mule"(see below)
Can you guess who is who?
to provide patients with a "good" experience- Ruth Crews
to NOT provide patients with a "good" experience- Bill "Guermo" Trotter
to miss a plane trying to take a photo with the delayed timer feature- Andy Jones
to cause and explosion in LaGuama- Chris Fox
to be the dentist on Extreme Makeover Honduras- Randy Arnold

to bring EVERYONE she knows the next time she comes to Honduras- Kim Willingham
to be featured on the most Honduran Instagram photos- Erin Willingham
to choke a Honduran Interpreter if they don't leave her daughter ALONE- Kim Willingham
to do pilate at the Honduyate- Nan Watson (see what they did there? <====)
to pray Bobby does not return to Gracewood- Mia Williams
to lead someone to Christ on the trip- Marvin Goodin
to apply topical anesthetic before injections-Nan Watson
to share a patient spit cup- Ryan Galey
to learn a new trade/best utility player- Julie Brooks
to say, "Bring me my brown pants."- Chris Fox
to need a new boat motor- Richard (owner of the Honduyate)
to stroke out trying to get us all on the bus before the storm hits- Allison
to chase girls- Grahmbo Sizemore

Best end of day perm-Kaye Simpson
Best looking- David Dekle (Remember, these are supposed to be funny)
least likely to be able to fix his own car- Ernie
Best clinic hefe-Scott Wingard
Best hug-Madi Sizemore
Best Smile- Chase Sizemore
Most likely to get the bus stuck- Gustavo

 Most likely to make an impact on Honduras for Christ- The whole Sizemore Family!

Thursday, September 18, 2014

On the ground in Augusta

   What a great experience this has been. From the early planning stages

to the work being done, 

from the morning and evening devotions 

to our last meal together 

and planning to come home. 

This has been a great team to work with. Thank you, Ernesto and Allison, for your leadership and preparation to get things ready for us on the ground. Thank you, Scott, for coordinating the dental supplies and equipment and directing our clinics. Thank you, David for pulling this great team together. Thank you, dentists and assistants for giving us time away from your practice, your job, and your family. And thank you, to our families for allowing us this time to be away. It has really been an amazing week!

     The final tally is in. I don't mean to insult your intelligence as I'm sure you could and many of you already have added up the figures from the week. But, I want to do that here to show just how hard this team has worked. Over the course of this week we saw 307 patients. Our team performed 146 fillings, 387 extractions, 98 cleanings, and 36 teeth brushing instructions. There were an additional 37 patients seen (9 cleanings and 30 brushing instructions) seen at the Mission on the Move facility. Ruth cleaned the teeth of the staff and the team demonstrated for and taught the children how to brush their teeth.

     I hope you have been blessed by the pictures and the stories found here. To God be the Glory!

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Missio en Movimiento, day 5

   Today was our final day at Honduyate. After breakfast we loaded up the bus and headed up to the MOM mission.  When we arrived at the mission the children greeted us by lining both sides off the driveway and singing to welcome us.

      Ruth cleaned the teeth of the workers and some of the others were teaching the kids how to brush their teeth. While that was going on we were also repacking the team trunks so as to better redistribute the weight.  It was a very relaxing day. We were glad not to have another full or even partial day of all out clinics. We spent time with the kids, shared a pizza lunch with them, and got to play with them for awhile.

     There were two different swing sets and different ones of our team took turns pushing the children. Of course there was soccer to be played and just good ole attempts at verbal communication. But hugs reigned supreme as the international language of love and there were plenty to go around.

     No, Bill was not the only one to have this problem. But, the kids were quick to offer a helping hand and free the chair.  Also, while we were there the adventurous among us decided to try a lemon that was growing from a tree on the property. Yes, I said lemon.

     After our morning and lunch with the kids we loaded up the bus again to ride to the National Cloud Forest, PANACAM.  There we hiked in to a waterfall and got to take a dip. It was a cold, refreshing plunge. A very nice way to end the week. 

     Tonight we are in San Pedro Sula. We are about to go to dinner. We will be up and at'em in the morning to head to the airport. We expect a long process to get through security and all.  We look forward to our arrival in Augusta tomorrow night!